Jacques Mayou Blacklight 3-D Art. Wall Popping Art That You Must See To Believe!

Jacques Mayou 3-D Art. Wall Popping Art That You Must See To Believe!

Welcome to Jacques Mayou 3D Blacklight Art !  I do Whitelight art too.  Thanks for showing up!   Don't let this page fool you, there's a lot of psychedelic art here in the Gallery!   I am usually working on somthing most of the time, so check back in from time to time to see the latest work.  It usually takes me several weeks to complete a piece, so growth is slow!

Been on painting break for a while now.  I'm not done though, by any means. 

  I highly recommend you see the Slide Show!  Go click the Slide Show button, and then click the link there.

All prices are listed in the Gallery here.  All the art is sold unframed, and prices are subject to change at anytime.  Shipping may be additional.

                                                   The art stands on it's own, you don't need 3D glasses to appreciate it, but it is a nice bonus!

To get your Chromadepth HD 3-D glasses follow the instructions below!

Most of my artwork is enhanced through the use of Chromadepth HD 3-D glasses.  If you want to view with 3-D glasses send 5 US dollars CASH ONLY and a 9"x 4" SELF ADDRESSED AND STAMPED envelope to Jacques Mayou, 55852 Swan Rd, Bend OR 97707. I will send you three pairs.  Limit of 3 pairs per envelope.  If you want more than that, send more envelopes.  Although the 3-D will not be as strong as viewing a original, (unless you have a giant screen to view with) the glasses will give you a true idea of how fun this art can be, and if you are considering a purchase of my art I would recommend You view it all with and without 3-D glasses.

 Questions?   Call Jacques at 541-593-7383. This is in the USA PST

My art is very unique.  It's all painted on Styrofoam.  I create art for black light, and white light presentation.  The art works with ChromaDepth HD 3D glasses to give the viewer a glimpse into the psychedelic art experience.  If you are a nightclub, or dance club owner my art is for you.  My black light art is indeed some of the best art for nightclubs that you will ever see.  I will consider doing custom commission work as well.  Most of the art is highly textured, and once framed on the wall, most people look and wonder what it's made of.  Children love my art, and it's great art for children's rooms too!   My 3D art is also super art for home theater rooms, because it's made of foam it's perfect for acoustics.  The 3D black light art looks great in a home theater room, and the white light art with it's pearlescents, and metal flake looks great too with a light just above it.  My art is some of the best art your ever going to find for a party, or chill room.  My art can be used to create your own nightclub environment right in your home!  As far as psychedelia is concerned, I do believe that my 3D art, whether for white light, or for black light, are as good as it gets. 

Love is one word I love to paint.  I have done many love paintings, and will do more in the future.  Another theme I love is swirls.  I have painted lots of swirls, and surely will do many more.  Much of my work is abstract, and some may be considered whimsical, or fantasy.  I hope you will enjoy my ChromaDepth 3D art, and the best way to just check it out is the slide show, so dawn your ChromaDepth HD 3D glasses and have a good time!