About Jacques Mayou 3-D Art

This will be about the art, and about me etc.  How I came to create it, and etc.  I don't tend to be one to "honk my own horn", but give me a little time and I'll think of something!

One thing I want you to know is that photographing my white light art has been a real challenge.  I can't get, or to date have not got, a good photo of any of it yet.  I believe it is because the camera just can't relate to the gloss, pearls, and flake that's found in most of it.  I will continue to do some experimenting with lights etc. to bring you a better representation of my white light art.  The fact is, even though you can't see just how cool it is, rest assured that the surfaces are textured with a glossy pearlessence, infused with metal flakes, and other magic stuff.  When you see the real thing you are in for a treat beyond compare! 

I started creating this art because I was looking for some cool psychedelia, but was not satisfied with anything I could find "out there".  It took time, but in the end I finally got satisfied!  That's not to say I have the "end all".  There is so much great art in the world!  I do think that as psychedelia my art is among the best available.  Children just love my art!  The fact that kids love my art is a great honor to me!  When most people see the art hanging framed on a wall, they say "what is that?".  They wonder what it is made of, and feel compelled to touch it.  I think my art is something that comes out at you, as opposed to art that you might go into.  Because most of the art is highly textured even the blind like my art!    

To see my art on a FULL SCREEN SLIDE SHOW click on this YouTube link 

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