Help Me Mr. Wizard! 28 x 73 $1,800.00

Art by Jacques Mayou, click for large resolution image


Help Me Mr. Wizard! is GlueColors on Styrofoam. This is early black light work for ChromaDepth HD 3D viewing. I did this in 1998. One can see how the style evolved when compared to a post discovery piece. OK, yea, I know the focus is not great. It's very hard to get a clean focus under a black light with blue, and red together, even with a UV filter, yet most all my black light art will have both! That's why until you see the real thing.......well, you haven't really seen it. This ia another example of me not giving a thought to the shapes I create, just some toward the balance. It took me right away to a cartoon I saw as a child! There was a turtle who got help from a wizard when he needed it! This piece goes off hard with ChromaDepth HD 3D glasses. Imagine it 6 feet long! Live it gets really deep! This is 3D abstract black light art to move you into a new dimension! Remember, this art is very rare! GlueColors are no longer made!