The Dancers 48 x 48 $1,300.00

Art by Jacques Mayou, click for large resolution image


The Dancers, simple yet complex. Put on your ChromaDepth HD 3D glasses with this 3D black light painting on your wall, and you can get lost traveling up and down the stairs with your eyes! Many have said it looks like Easter Eggs, but what I see is two medieval dancers. He has on a large flamboyant hat and is reaching out to his adorable partner, whose pelvic region is plain to see. You take it from there, and there you'll be! This is one of only a few of my black light paintings that also has phosphorescence in it, so parts of it will glow in the dark, after the black light is turned off! At 4 foot square this piece is impressive. This psychedelic black light art is very rare, and would give you a party room like no other! The piece was painted in 1999. The Dancers will spin you into a wonderful frame of mind for years to come!