Meteor Storm 28 x 73 NFS or make me a offer

Art by Jacques Mayou, click for large resolution image


Meteor Storm is a great example of pure chaos in creation! I could not do it again if I tried! Yes, I might be able to get something like it, but this is it! Painted in 1995 this 3D black light painting is a masterpiece beyond compare. There is close to one inch of relief here. My wife says I can never sell it, yet if I got a large offer I might consider it. A few years after I painted it, I saw some Hubble images of a similar band of meteors going through space. In my painting one can see the background change from black to a dark blue, as if the meteors are entering a atmosphere! Meteor Storm is a timeless piece that I hope will someday be worth a small fortune. Hopefully prior to my death! Like most of my art, you just have to see the real thing to really appreciate it. If you are ever in Central Oregon, give me a call! No promise, but I can arrange a private viewing!