Buxom Beauty 37 x 46 $3,300.00

Art by Jacques Mayou, click for large resolution image


Buxom Beauty was painted in 1997 with squirt guns. I named it that because I saw a ladies profile in it. She has large hair, like from the 50's, and a large breast is also clearly visable! Like all my art it is highly textured. I didn't do too many squirt gun black light paintings, so along with the rareness of GlueColors on Styrofoam, this piece is super rare! This is art for party rooms of the highest caliber folks! Fine art for black light, and the 21st century! The prices will only go up in the future! If you think you have it all, and you don't have a piece of my 3D black light art......well..........you don't have it all! Want to see the real thing? If you are ever near Bend Oregon, just get a hold of me, and you could get lucky, and have a private viewing!