Here Comes The Sun 28 x 73 $3,500.00

Art by Jacques Mayou, click for large resolution image


I named this piece Here Comes The Sun because the shapes I made reminded me of the look of the Yellow Submarine stuff from the Beatles. There is a sun coming out in the middle, and lots of other things going on in this psychedelic 3D art. You will see faces, in many places! As with most of my shape work, the shapes were made with no thought really going into them. I just let them flow. In this case they are extruded black GlueColors. This piece was painted in 1996 just prior to my discovery of ChromaDepth HD 3D glasses, but it works great with them, as I was there already. As black light paintings go, I figure this is like nothing you have ever seen before, unless of course you have seen my work in person! This again is a masterpiece of my 3D black light art, and I must stress the rareness of this art. GlueColors are no longer made, and not to many black light paintings on Styrofoam around either! This piece of 3D black light art will make your party area the best in town, any town! Why? Because this 3D black light art is beyond compare to any other! A psychedelic art lovers dream come true!