Who Will Survive 28 x 72 $2,800.00

Art by Jacques Mayou, click for large resolution image


Who Will Survive was painted in 1995 using a dripping technique. The piece was painted without any thought going into it. When I finished, it was obvious what it was about! As a child, I lived with the threat a nuclear war. This piece juxtaposes man and insect. One can clearly see the insect, but may not clue to the eye of a human peaking up from behind somthing. This 3D black light painting is a masterpiece of my early style. The piece has lots of texture, and the large arching strokes are indicative of a human creation. This is almost like a cave painting, but for the 21st century, and black light! This art is very rare! Fine art for black light such as you have never seen before!