Embryonic 28 x 72 $3,600.00

Art by Jacques Mayou, click for large resolution image


Embryonic was painted in 1996 with squirt guns! The piece is highly textured Styrofoam, as is all my 3D art. This is a masterpiece of my Psychedelic 3D Black Light Art! The act of painting with squirt guns allows for a subtle mixing of the colors as they splash together. As with all my current black light art, this piece is painted with GlueColors, which are no longer made! This, along with the fact it's painted on Styrofoam make it very rare! Hang this in your party area, and even the best nightclub will envy you! If you own a nightclub this is the best art for nightclubs with black lights your ever going to find! Under the right conditions, Embryonic can take you all the way back to the womb!