Marshmellow Atom 42 x 42 NFS

Art by Jacques Mayou, click for large resolution image


Marshmellow Atom was painted in 1993. This is one of my early pieces. I spent weeks slowly adding rings on the atom. The electron rings were extruded over time. To avoid having them mix while intersecting, each color needed to dry first. OK, I know the focus is not great, but such tends to be the case while photographing such intense fluorescent colors under black light. To see the extrusions better click on the image until you get the detail shot. Marshmellow Atom is another masterpiece of my psychedelic 3D black light art! This piece is one that really gave birth to the art form I had created. It has loads of texture, and relief. In the right conditions the rings will move around the nucleus, as the atom comes to life. If you are a Nuclear Physicist, and you like psychedelic art, this is the piece for you! NFS, or Not For Sale just means you need to make a large offer! 3D black light art on Styrofoam for the science geek in your life!