Chickenwire 42 x 42 $750.00

Art by Jacques Mayou, click for large resolution image


Chickenwire painted in 1993 is one of my formative works. Although it is subtle, it is indeed quite organic feeling, as much of my early black light work. At that time I had no influence from ChromaDepth 3D glasses. I named it Chickenwire be cause the patterns I saw in it looked like chicken wire to me. This is very rare art, psychedelic black light art as never seen before! This art is also excellent art for home theater rooms, or art for recording studios, as it is painted on Styrofoam, it's good for acoustics! Chickenwire won't hold you in, but it can take you to a new dimension of psychedelic 3D black light art heaven! I truly believe that once you have one of my pieces, you will want more! After all why waste all that black light!