Stripes with Staples 42 x 42 $2,200.00

Art by Jacques Mayou, click for large resolution image


Stripes with Staples was painted in 1993, and is formative work. The piece was painted with some squirt spraying, and some extrusions. I had noticed that silver things took on a black appearance under the black light, so I threw a bunch of staples into this piece in order to get some fine black lines. As I have said before, it's impossible to get a true idea of just how fantastic this black light art is from these photos, yet I can assure you this is a masterpiece of my early work without question. As abstract art goes, I believe this piece is very relaxing, and very psychedelic. I did quite a few pieces with lines then. Something about those lines under the right conditions creates a psychedelic art experience that's really good! Once you have one of these hanging in your special place, I'm sure you will be back for more! After all, good stuff is hard to find! This 3D black light art is the greatest art for party rooms, or nightclubs your ever going to find! Folks, the prices can only rise, so get them while they are still a major bargain!