Monsters Inc. 30 x 46 $700.00

Art by Jacques Mayou, click for large resolution image


Monster's Inc. is one of my early acrylic pieces. Painted in 2003, it is glossy, and very pearlescent. This is typical example of my shape pieces. When I make the shapes, I don't think about it! I just do it! Then when it's done, if I'm lucky, they talk to me! This one told me it was Monster's Inc. Must have been something in it, that reminded me of the movie characters. At 30 x 46 the piece is quite impressive indeed! This would be fantastic art for children's rooms! What a great way to introduce a child to abstract art! This type of art can grow, and nurture the imagination, and as we all know, imagination is everything! This is Nova Color Acrylics on Styrofoam, for ChromaDepth HD 3D viewing. If you have not got your glasses yet, just go to the home page for instructions!