No Clue 28 x 44 $650.00

Art by Jacques Mayou, click for large resolution image


No Clue was painted in early 2008. As a shape piece, it didn't talk to me, or I just didn't listen, and that's why I named it No Clue! The piece is glossy, pearlescent, and lightly metal flake infused. Although there are things to be seen, I just couldn't relate them to a title! Just because I did not find the essence here, doesn't mean you can't! After all, you can hang it anyway you like, and it might talk to you very loudly! This is 3D art on Styrofoam that also works with ChromaDepth HD 3D Glasses to give the viewer a glimpse of the psychedelic art world, without drugs! If you are wandering through this life, without a clue, this may be the 3D White Light Art piece for you! Warning! Once you have one, it will not be enough!