With Heart 36 x 36 $500.00

Art by Jacques Mayou, click for large resolution image


With Heart was painted in 2008 with exactly that, heart! This piece of 3D White Light Art is very glossy, super pearlescent, magic, and metal flake infused! This piece would make a great Valentine's Day gift, or any kind of gift you can think of where you want to express LOVE! Life's Optimal Vibrational Energy that is! The photo, unfortunately, can't capture the beauty of the light and texture that makes a piece of my 3D White Light Art so wonderful! Trust me on this one! You have never seen anything quite like this. If you have, you are lucky! When your loved one gazes upon the depth, dimension, and sparkle that is contained in this painting, they will be led to see the same in you! Why buy a diamond, when you can buy a truly one of a kind piece of 3D White Light Art, that also reacts with ChromaDepth HD 3D Glasses to show the viewer the added depth of your love for them? To be honest, I couldn't tell you why!