The Connection 28 x 73 $1,800.00

Art by Jacques Mayou, click for large resolution image


The Connection, painted in 1996 has a story. I always like to paint alone, in solitude, to music is best. In this case, I had mixed up some color and put it in a spray (squirt) gun, and was ready to apply first color to this new blank texture I had created. There was a knock on the door! It was a friend who was going to school in the area, (UCSC I believe). His name was Dan if my memory serves me correctly. He was a drummer, and from Chicago. Anyway I decided to use his large hands in the piece! After that the rest was based around the hands. In the end this piece of 3D Black Light Art spoke to me about the connection that all people seek. The hands are raised to the universe as if to absorb the energy that is comming through. The piece was created just prior to my discovery of ChromaDepth HD 3D glasses, yet responds really good to them, as does most all my 3D Black Light Art that was created prior to that discovery. This piece is very primal. Right down to the core of "man". As with some of my other early work it is like a cave painting, but for the 21st century! This is fine art for black light presentation, and this one is a winner! If you believe that all people seek "The Connection" then this is the piece for you!