All That I Can Give To You 28 x 44 $350.00

Art by Jacques Mayou, click for large resolution image


All That I Can Give To You was painted in 2005. Just in case you have not noticed, I love to paint love! Yes, I coined the meaning "Life's Optimal Vibrational Energy" years ago! The piece is textured, pearlescent, and lightly infused with metal flake. One of my love paintings will infuse any room with a good vibration! As with all my White Light Art, It's Nova Color acrylic on Styrofoam. This piece is bold, and brave. Not for the shy! But if you love love, and you want a one of a kind gift of it; you can't go wrong with one of my 3D love paintings! Show an extra dimension of your love with this, or any one of my ChromaDepth 3D love paintings!