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Black light equipment etc. links  Welcome To The Entertainment Industry’s BEST KEPT SECRET For Creating Spectacular, Ultra-Bright UV Effects!  OK, if you want the best you can get here it is!  Not cheep, but you get what you pay for! 

Links to artist I love!  Hope you will love them too!

Blonde Blythe  Blonde's Big Eyed art is a sight to behold without question!  Her acrylic work is masterfully done in a fun way.  I would especially recommend it as art for children's rooms, yet I know any room would be most happy to be adorned with one of her originals, or a print!  After you see her paintings, you will be amazed to find she is a totally self-taught artist.  Goes to show some people are gifted.  Who ever gave the gift to her will be pleased to know she has taken great care of it!

Symeon Nostrakis  and  Symeon is a the type of artist I love!  He's doing all THREE, fluorescent, invisible fluorescent, and phosphorescence to give you a three for one!  I have done black light work with phosphorescence, but have yet to do invisible UV, I will soon, and only hope it will be as cool as Symeon's!

Ricky Gagnon   Rick is a fifty year old self-taught artist who has lived in Rhode Island his entire life. He has been making art since childhood.  Ricky still has that child's touch, and imagination!  I just love his heart paintings, and hope you will too!   His work is big and bold, lots of color, and like mine, can sometimes run right off the "canvas"!

Kelly Del Rosso    Cool art!  Enjoy Kelly's art and fertile imagination...impressionistic scenes...alien landscapes and fantasy rich expressionism.

Other Art  links  A Free Online Community for Psychedelic Art of all kinds!   

The Saatchi Gallery  A London based Gallery, and online artist.  Huge site.